One Inch Punch ... minus the Drums and Bass! This Piano and Guitar duo punch well above their weight with high energy rhythm parts and vocal harmonies all the way. Fantastic for a Friday Night Sing-a-Long down in your local pub, but equally great in the living room of a packed house party a festival stage or playing acoustic folk and jazz for background music.



They play everything from classic  anthems like  Born To Run and American Pie, to gentle acoustic folk classics such as  The Sounds of Silence and Ed Sheeran's The A Team. Whether its Jazz, Rock, Folk, Blues and Beyond, Drum 'n' Bassless will adapt their set to suit your event. More video and recordings are coming very soon, but you can see more of Daf (solo) as THE PIANO MAN, and you can hear Dave's great playing and singing on the ONE INCH PUNCH page.

Prices will vary considerably according to distance travelled, arrival and finish time and also the day of the week. If you let us know dates and rough times we'll get back with a quote very quickly.
They will bring a large PA system meaning that if required the music could be as loud or as quiet as you wanted. They will bring a black theatrical backdrop and lighting (appropriate to the venue).
Assuming there is good access and the space is clear it should only take a maximum of one hour from arrival to performance.
Definitely! A lot of events want a combination of Live Music earlier on and then recorded dance music afterwards. One of the duo will stay and play your own playlists (or theirs if you prefer) and provide the sound system and lights to keep your event buzzing til the early hours!