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I am equally happy playing for Wedding Services and Wedding Receptions as I am playing pub Sing-a-Longs and Live Karaoke (or Pianoke as I call it). Music can be with or without vocals, it's totally up to you. I can mix and match styles for your event. Maybe you want some gentle ballads and smooth jazz as background music at the start of your event. But later on you want a sing-a-long or even some Live Karaoke. As you can see and hear below, I can provide sophisticated jazz and blues or host an evening of great Live Karaoke with classic Rock and Pop.

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Thanks for playing at our wedding. The selection of songs was perfect and created a lovely warm atmosphere as people chatted and guzzled the fizz!

Sally Edwards, wedding

We were so pleased we got you to play. It created the perfect atmosphere for the reception at our very special event and helped to make it really memorable.

Mike & Lisa Taylor, silver wedding anniversary 

Thanks again. Your playing created the perfect atmosphere to get everyone relaxed and chatting – and even a bit of smooching too!.


Keith Connolly, birthday party

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